It can be hard for a true friend to ask for help

I would say one of the most difficult things for true friends is to ask for help when you are struggling. I know most of us have gone through hard times, I certainly have. I remember back when I was laid off from my job, I was having all sorts of problems. I was honestly having trouble just keeping up with the bills and putting food on my table. Then I started having troubles with my HVAC system. I was lucky that my good buddy happened to be an HVAC technician, but I felt bad for having to ask him if he could fix my HVAC system. I felt bad because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pay him back until I was able to get back on my feet with another job. Eventually I knew I had to do something because I was dying without being able to use my air conditioning system. So I called him up and told him about my situation. He was happy to help and he did the necessary work on my cooling system. When he got everything working again, I was telling him how I could work on some sort of payment plan to pay him for his work, and he insisted that I don’t worry about it. He said that eventually he would need my help with something and he knew that I would be there for him. That’s funny because more recently, he was having problems with his car. I happen to be good at working on cars and he called me up about his situation. He was really happy when I came through to help him out. We got his car back in tip-top shape and when he tried to pay me, I refused and said he already paid me a long time ago by fixing my cooling system.