It doesn’t always work out as planned

Sometimes in life we end up taking a totally different path than we planned on.

  • This was me totally.

I had spent the money and time to go to heating and air conditioning school to become a certified heat and a/c specialist. I passed the course with honors and could have went on to work in the heating and air conditioning business. However this did not happen. Shortly after I graduated from heat and a/c school I found it very hard to get hired for a job. This was because all the heating and cooling companies in my area would not hire fresh out of HVAC school workers, which was totally dumb and made no sense. It was like I had to try my hand at becoming an independent heating and air conditioning specialist, which was not guaranteed pay checks and not knowing if it would be a success. I could not take that risk as I had to make a living. So I said to hell with heating and air conditioning and went to get my degree as an accountant. And that is what I ended up doing for a career in life. It pays much more than a heating and air conditioning specialist anyhow, so maybe it all happened for a good reason. The moral of the story here is that you never know where life is going to take you no matter how much you plan for something. I never knew I would be an accountant. It’s pretty mind boggling to say the least.

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