It is time to move north.

I only moved south because of my wife. I met her in college, and we fell in love. I never thought I would be able to live without her until she walked out on me. I had to admit that I hated living in the south. The winters are warm and the summers are hot. Without a good air conditioning unit, there is no way I could live here in the south. Since she left, there is nothing to keep me here. I have decided that I am going to head north. I won’t need to deal with the heat and humidity. There wouldn’t be any worries about hurricanes and tornadoes. I’m sure that there will be other considerations when I move north, that I haven’t considered, but I know that I won’t need to have air conditioning all year round. I know that I’ll have to put up with needing heating in the winter. The weather can get quite cool up there, so I’ll have the heating bills to think about. I can’t think they will be as extreme as the cooling bills I have. I was upset every time I had to pay the energy bills. I have to admit that I may end up getting upset when I need to pay the energy bill for the furnace, but it won’t be for very long. Winter only lasts a couple months. You then have spring where you don’t need either heating or air conditioning. I can’t imagine the summers up north can be as bad or worse than what we have down south.

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