It only took an air filter.

The worst time to have the air conditioning fail is when you have a bunch of friends over on a hot summer day.

That happened to my wife and I.

We had ribs, steaks, burgers and hot dogs sitting on the grill. The food was smelling amazing and all we needed to do was pull the salads from the fridge. My parents came out of the house and told me that the air conditioning wasn’t working right. Dad said the temperature was going up in the house. I went into the house, ready to call the HVAC company. My dad stopped me and told me that with the internet, we should be able to find some information on how to deal with the air conditioning. Within minutes, there were five grown men on their phones, all looking for information on what would cause an air conditioning unit to quit working. We had all kinds of information. The information went from needing a new air conditioning unit, to needing to change the air filters. My friends insisted that dad was right and we could repair the air conditioning unit on our own. We gathered the information and went out to the air conditioning unit. Although a couple friends wanted to rip right into the unit, my dad said to check the air filter. I had no idea when I had last changed the air filter, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when the filter was nearly clogged. We put a new air filter in and the AC unit began to run properly again. I’m glad I didn’t call the HVAC company.

Air conditioning technician