It really doesn’t take all that much to save on HVAC cooling

Summertime is blissfully coming to an end.

And I’m not saying that because the kids are back in school or anything like that.

Mainly, I love the end of summer because that means the best time of the year is at my doorstep. Plus, I love that my air conditioning doesn’t run as much. That makes me happy as well because the air conditioning isn’t costing me so much. However this year, with just a bit of effort, I ended up really saving some money on HVAC cooling. This was the first summer that I really got proactive in the spring with the idea of reining in the air conditioning costs. It started with a call to the HVAC company. A heat pump that has been properly serviced by an HVAC professional is one that will run at its most efficient. From there, it was really all about sealing the house up tight and stopping the effects of direct sunlight heating. That really didn’t take too much time at all. I basically added new weather stripping, sealed up a few places on the exterior and made sure I was pulling the drapes shut on certain windows. That’s not all though. The tough part was staying committed to keeping the thermostat setting in the low 80’s during the hottest part of the day. That was the real key to saving the hundreds of dollars I did this summer. Now, I’m seeing the temperatures around here drop just a bit and before long, the air conditioning can take a bit of a rest. And I can get outside all day if I want.


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