It took a while, but the air filters are clean.

I never considered cleaning my air filters until I heard a neighbor talking about it.

I never considered that my air conditioner even had air filters, let alone needing to change them.

Once I listened to her, I knew the air filters should have been cleaned a long time ago. It surprises me to think that it wasn’t until a neighbor talked about it, that I realized they needed changed. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t tell I had never cleaned the air filters. I went online and realized that the air filter is really important. The air filter not only kept the dust and debris from getting into the air conditioning unit or furnace. The air filter is also used to keep the dirt and debris from my breathing air. I guess the air filter wasn’t doing very much if it had never been changed or cleaned. I opened up the air conditioner, but I had no idea where the air filter was located. I looked at the diagram that I found online. It was easy to find the air filter once I knew what I was looking for. I no only found the air filter, but I found it easy to change. I kept thinking about my neighbor and how she had gone on about the need for changing the air filter in the air conditioning unit. I wanted to go over to her house and tell her how I changed my own air filters because of her. I was afraid she would laugh at me, but maybe I needed a little bit of friendly chiding.
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