It was a good thing they thought to get rental boilers for the hospital

Unless you have been living under a rock, you definitely know that we have been living through some horrendous times lately.

A virus has taken the world by storm and has effectively shut down whole economies and normal life all over the world.

One thing the authorities have been extremely worried about has been the healthcare industry. In our country and other countries, such as the UK, hospitals in some areas have been completely overrun with vast numbers of people infected with this terribly contagious virus that can have harsh consequences. Well, my sister is a medical professional at a hospital in the Northeast, and the stories she told were absolutely terrifying. Just when she believed it couldn’t get worse, she came into work a single afternoon to be told that the hospital boilers were not easily working officially so they were about to run out of sanitized equipment. Like a knight in shining armor, a single one of the maintenance workers suggested a temporary boiler rental might be the best solution. When the hospital was built, the outside wall of the boiler room was equipped with the proper connections for hooking up said temporary boiler. Without hesitation, the hospital administrators said yes to getting a temporary rental boiler… Unluckily, no actual plan had even been put in place for which supplier would bring the rental boiler, how it would be brought in, and who would do the work on hooking it all up! They were in the center of a pandemic and having to make all kinds of emergency decisions about industrial boiler rental. When it rains, it pours, am I right? They did get a portable boiler room rental eventually, and the afternoon was saved. They kept it out of the news, too.

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