It was a necessary step

My best buddy got married last weekend after years of waiting and the event was nearly ruined when the forecast said rain.

  • I was the best man for the event and I knew it was my job to handle all of the problems.

It wasn’t supposed to rain at all that weekend and the forecast only changed a few hours before the ceremony. Everyone present knew it was going to be cloudy and dark, however rain was not on our radar. When I suddenly found out that it was going to rain, I realized that the situation called for a pretty drastic intervention. I called the site and I talked to the staff about setting up some large outdoor tents. They were cheerful to set them up, but I had to rent the tents from a separate corporation. They gave myself and others the name of that site and I called to make a last minute reservation. I was distraught they might not have the items that the two of us currently needed, however they were ready to help. I picked up all of the items with my family truck and delivered them to the site. Included in the delivery were a couple of powerful propane oil furnaces to set up under the tents. If the rain made the entire outdoor temperature cold, the propane oil furnaces would help moderate the temperature for everyone. I wasn’t sure the two of us would use the propane heaters, however it was fine if we didn’t use the propane oil furnaces at all. It’s a superb thing the two of us had the tents for everyone though, because it rained and poured all day. Both of us were dry and comfortable thanks to my fast thinking.

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