It was confusing

Sometimes when you get new things in your life, especially new technology related things, it can get quite confusing to learn how to operate them.

This was exactly the case when it came to me and getting my very first smart thermostat for my central heating and air conditioning system unit.

The smart thermostat was a whole new kind of thermostat that had so many features and options that it was near mind blowing! How to operate the smart thermostat on the app that is controlled through the cell phone, computer and laptop was the major confusing part the way that it was laid out. I had to have the local heating and air conditioning company that I bought the smart thermostat from send out a certified heat and cooling specialist to show me in depth on how to operate this brand new smart thermostat. This is modern HVAC technology at its best here folks. You can not get any higher in technology than this when it comes to a thermostat operating your central heating and air conditioning system unit! It took me a good month before I started getting the hang of this brand new piece of HVAC technology that they call a smart thermostat! It was much different than my old digital thermostat I had for years, and it did not even compare in any way, shape or form to the real vintage dial thermostats that I grew up with. The new smart thermostat was an experience all of its own and I believe I am going to love it every way possible!



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