It was difficult when the heating device went out

I was finally ready for a weekend away after getting finished with the labor project.

I told my boss I was going away plus she asked if she could join me.

We’d been working together on this project for the longest time plus grew close… Since she was single plus I was divorced, I saw no harm in her tagging along. I’d booked a weekend away at this fantastic little cottage in the middle of nowhere. The best way for me to relax was to go back to nature plus spend time in an isolated environment! But, I found myself wondering how this experience would be with my boss there. Oh well, you only live once. We drove her 4 by 4 truck which had the right mechanism to deal with the terrain, plus arrived at the home late in the afternoon. It was severely cold, so I set about finding the heating device in the cottage. We had to wait approximately an hour for the heating device to warm the space, plus we finally took off our overcoats. There were several family rooms in the cabin, so my boss took one plus me the other. We planned on chilling then getting some food prepared ready later on. Around 6 pm, I started feeling frosty plus wondered what was happening. I went to the living room to find my boss, plus she was checking the temperature control. It seemed the heat went out at some point, plus it was definitely too late to call anyone to come to check it that afternoon. We turned off the heating device plus began preparing a fire in the fireplace. That evening both of us ended up sleeping on the floor next to the fire plus actually shared our first kiss.

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