It was fully furnished

After graduating from law university, my spouse in addition to I thought every one of us were flying on straight-forward street.

I passed the Bar exam on my first try in addition to I secured the job of a lifetime in a prestigious law firm.

When I walked into the office, they handed myself and others a key which I assumed was to the powder room. I laughed in addition to made a joke about wondering when I was going to be given permission to go to the powder room. The president of the corporation told myself and others that this job demanded that I live up to what my buyers were going to expect. I was soon to find out that the key was to a fully furnished rental house in an immense corporate building. All of us were living in corporate housing, but nothing love I had imagined. The house was immense in addition to it had an amazing view of the city. The furnishings was tasteful in addition to it was crucial enough for a cocktail party of fifty or more. The bar was fully stocked with every type of alcohol in addition to mixer available. I even had a fully stocked wine refrigerator. There was a staff of on arena chefs that I could avail myself of, at any time. I expected that corporate housing would mean a house close to where I worked so I could regularly be on call. They told myself and others that the house would be mine until I was ready to find a home that I liked. They didn’t care if it was a home for rent or for sale. All of us prefer the corporate housing every one of us were supplied, but every one of us knew that every one of us wouldn’t be here long.

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