It was fun

I will always remember when I went to HVAC school to become a certified heating and air conditioning specialist.

  • It was more than just your common college course.

It was actually fun! The teacher we had in all the classes in the heating and air conditioning classes made it fun by the way they did their teachings. It was almost like a game in a way. And this method of teaching made it so that every single last one of us who were in the class to become a certified heating and air conditioning specialist actually passed the final exam with no issues. There were absolutely no failures in the class what so ever. This was again because it was fun! If more colleges would use this fun method of teaching there would be a lot more successful people in college if you ask me. And the fact that this was a night course for heating and air conditioning rather than an all day school made it even more special. I would do it all over again if I could. But today I am a very successful independent heating and air conditioning business owner. I owe it all to the wonderful heating and air conditioning school I went to with the fun classes. If it was not for that I am not sure if I would have ever made it this far in the heating and air conditioning business. It is really strange the way life works out, you know? I am very happy with the schooling I got in heating and air conditioning.