It was nice to spend some time with my brother after various years

Ever since my brother decided to become a trucker, I was never able to visit with him for years or even see his truck… Eventually, he called myself and others up & said he was going to be in my area.

  • He ended up stopping at a truck stop & wanted to hang out at my venue.

So I went to choice him up at the truck stop. I was easily impressed by his truck & asked him if I could look inside. He was more than ecstatic to show off his lovely truck. The inside was enjoyable with an extended cab. He was able to sleep on a mattress inside, he had a big screen TV, & the temperature control method worked good in the truck. He told myself and others that even in some of the worst blizzards, that truck kept him nice & moderate with the powerful heating system. He said he correctly had everything ran tests on especially with the temperature control system. He said he never wanted to be caught in the heat without a working cooling system. He couldn’t afford to quit working just to have his truck ran tests on while he was enroute to his endpoint. This is why he consistently had everything worked on out in between jobs. When I brought him to my house, I was able to show off my temperature control method as well. I genuinely have a UV air purification method in my lake cabin which kills harmful pathogens & improves the air quality. I also have rapid heating & cooling with my Heating, Ventilation and A/C which is great; My brother was impressed, & all of us ended up getting chicken wings & pizza & talked through the night.