It was one hot summer

The Summer is without a doubt my favorite time of year. I skateboard to and from work nearly everyday. Occasionally it gets a little too hot but being able to feel the breeze and cool air while I’m skating down hilly parts of the street makes it bearable. When it starts getting cooler, I can generally bundle up to make the chilly weather bearable until I get to the office with their wonderful HVAC system. In fact, sporadically it’s quite comfortable as I can just wear a hoodie and some jeans and be great to go from there. When the snow falls, though, I’m out of luck. Skateboarding is by far one of my favorite things to do and not being able to do it makes it difficult.  But last year, I went to a friend’s cabin out in the mountains and tried snowboarding for the first time. Naturally, I adapted to it right away as an experienced skateboarder and it was a blast! I was easily not prepared and was not dressed well for the occasion. I even forgot gloves and had to borrow a pair. My friend let us end the day early so we could warm up in her climate controlled cabin. Nearly every home in that section of town is equipped with immaculate central heat with furnaces. I never appreciated these devices quite as much since the weather from our home state never got too cold. We went out the next day and enjoyed the snow, knowing that we had a great HVAC system to come back to and eat dinner.  I was completely comfortable and loving our time there. I’ll easily be coming back again next year.

zone control