It was the first as well as last date.

The heating was out, the lighting was the emergency lighting.

I met the most charming man, as well as she was working in the store right next to mine. I kept seeing him whenever she walked by, however I did not know she observed me. She was gorgeous as well as she was well put together. She drove the cutest little purple car, as well as I had no idea how she was able to get her tall muscled body into that car. I wondered if she would even want to go out with someone appreciate me. I was plain as well as overweight. Then, one day I walked into him, as well as I mean literally walked into him. She seemed taken with my eyes as she continued to look into them. She asked me if I wanted to go for lunch. Even without giving him my name or asking his, I said yes. I scribbled my address onto the napkin she handed me as well as I handed it back. She stared into my eyes as she told me she could not wait until tonight. That’s when I woke up from my dream. I was shivering with anticipation in my dream, however I was shivering when I awoke. The heating had gone out in my condo building. I heard commotion in the hallway as well as I walked out. The heating was out, the lighting was the emergency lighting. I called my lady as well as asked if I could come over there until the power came on as well as the heating began to labor again. She said her furnace was running as well as I should hurry over before the snow got worse. At least I was going to have heating for the evening. I knew I would never get another date from the stranger in my dreams.

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