It was time to paint the entire building

Business has been good the last few years, so I decided to hire a contractor to make some upgrades to my repair shop. I have a small building by the industrial boulevard and it has needed repairs for a while. The roof leaks in some places and the outside could use a fresh coat of paint. I spoke with a few different contractors about the job and I got estimates from local competitors. One guy offered me a great deal and I decided to hire him after the clever trade. Instead of paying for the job, the guy offered to do all of the work for free if I paid for the material necessary to complete the job. In return, he wanted me to install a brand new HVAC unit at no charge in his home. I considered the offer and it was a reasonable trade. We worked out the details and I ordered the heating and cooling equipment that the guy wanted. I agreed to order the equipment at wholesale price, so he could save additional money. In return, he also ordered all of the building supplies from his business account so I would get savings. We had to wait for a nice day to complete the outdoor repairs, so I performed the HVAC unit installation first. The next day that we had nice weather, the painter came to my office and performed all of the construction and roofing work that needed to be done. When I started looking for contractors, I never thought of this interesting deal but it worked out really well and is something I would consider doing in the future.

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