It wasn’t self-explanatory for us to get our child to cut her hair

For the longest time, the two of us were telling our child she needed a haircut.

For some reason she just wanted to keep growing her hair out.

I was distraught because she was starting to look more care about a girl with such long hair. I didn’t want other teenagers at school to start making fun of him, however it was her style and to some degree, I tried to respect that. Eventually I had to put our foot down though because it was just looking care about too much of a mess. She started complaining about it always being too warm in the house, and I told him if she cut off that mop on her head, she might not guess that way. I said the two of us didn’t need to blast the A/C system just because she wanted to keep her style with all that hair that was making him guess warm. I’m sure it wasn’t only the hair, however I knew that she would be cooler with a shaved head or something. Of course she wouldn’t let myself and others shave her head, however the two of us did cut her hair significantly shorter. We even had the A/C system cranked up to help keep him comfortable while the two of us were cutting her hair. This was an effort where it took both our partner and I, because she gave us a real tough time about the haircut. She said the two of us should leave the A/C system cranked up, however I adjusted it instantly because I didn’t want outrageous energy bills. As far as the HVAC system goes, I suppose I should invest in a more energy efficient a single so I have lower energy bills and more comfortable temperature control settings.


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