It will be nice to turn off the A/C when fall arrives

Everyday is the same battle pretty much, over and over and over again! I wake up each and everyday and don’t even bother to consider what is headed our way.

I already know for the most part how the entire afternoon is going to go and exactly what to expect.

I have no excitement left in my life and no motivation in the least to keep going unless something major breaks. What I’m trying to say is, I’m ready for a change of season soon. It has been summertime in our area for the longest period of time. I suppose that in other regions of the country, the hot season is a short and sweet time of year. A lot of people will likely look forward to a couple of weeks of sunshine and relaxation down by the pool with a cold drink in their hands. In the rest of the country, summertime is a long, difficult, and brutal season. Where I live it starts in February and ends somewhere in October when the cool air starts flowing eventually. For all the months in between, you can expect yearly air temperatures in the mid-90s and choking humidity most afternoons of the week. We don’t get much rain or wind to help cut back on the heat. We just have sunshine on really hot days. After a short while of experiencing this, you stop wanting to go outside. I don’t want to leave the comfort and safety of our air conditioner machine. All that I want is a nice, natural, flowing Breeze of cooling air to come flying through our windows. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can continue perspiring through my sheets and hiding from the brutal sunshine inside our air-conditioned residence. I hope the weather changes soon and then I won’t use the A/C anymore.

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