It would be nice if family & friends would transport to our current area

I come from the South where the heat pump is basically king.

I didn’t know numerous people who were not using a heat pump, it was just the smartest type of HVAC to use in our area.

The weather would get especially hot in the summer time heat & those heat pumps absolutely kick butt when it comes to removing the heat from your home! When I moved to another section up north, I had to adjust myself a little bit. I asked an HVAC professional if I could have a heat pump installed. He thought about it & then said I could go for a geo heat pump. I asked him what that was, & he explained that the geo heat pump would pull heating energy from underground pipes where the heat remains relatively stable throughout the year. In the summer time season, the heat would be pushed out underground as well. This was not something I had heard of before, but it sounded great. When I l gained about the high-priced cost, I was a little bit hesitant. It was explained to me but that these geothermal HVAC systems last a very long time with minimal repair. They are severely energy efficient & even better than the heat pumps I was accustomed to, so I went for the upgrade & now our heating & cooling bills are lower than ever. I adore the comfort in our home, & I guess I will be nice living in the North. Now I’m just going to have to invite friends & family to visit, & maybe they will want to transport up here with me.

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