It’s a smart move to ease the load on your HVAC to save money

It really just feels as though none of us are provided enough time as we were able to get just a decade or so ago.

I feel this could have something to do with what my dad keeps saying about a much simpler time.

That was a guy who flew planes for a majority of his life. He had an important task & held many lives in his undoubtedly capable hands. Now, he is long retired however says he feels more stress attempting to live than he did when he was working back in those days. My theory is it has a lot to do with the deluge of information that is coming at us at all moments. I wish I was a single one of those guys who slips into his Heating & Air Conditioning machine controlled guy cave & swills enjoyable whiskey all day. I average over 50 hours per week at my stressful task. There are also the children that I have to take with me all over the place & be an enjoyable father to. I lucked out because I have an enjoyable partner in life in my lovely partner. But, it still can be especially difficult to accomplish all my chores around the residence. I have all Heating & Air Conditioning machine stuff on my plate. The service scheduling is basically my own responsibility. Changing the air filter every single month is another undoubtedly imperative Heating & Air Conditioning task. The unjammed air flow for the Heating & Air Conditioning machine is the most important thing I do for the Heating & Air Conditioning. This lightens the load significantly on the heating & cooling machine. I also put in a smart thermostat in order to have the Heating & Air Conditioning machine run a bit less. I figure every single hour it’s not running is a few dollars in my pocket.


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