It’s difficult working out after having youngsters

I’ve found that I sleep better at night plus have a lot more energy during the afternoons

I’ve always been slim plus fit plus felt quite good about how my body looks. That changed after having two children within 3 years. I gained a tremendous amount of weight in a very short time. I didn’t know our own body any more. I found it impossible to eat healthy plus workout at all. With 2 little youngsters depending on me, there was no time to head to the gym or go for a jog! Even though I was careful to eat healthy snacks, I was eating way too much of them. Plus, I was completely sleepy. I lacked energy plus motivation. Being so unhappy with the way my body looked led to depression. I started to worry that our setback outlook would impact our children. I expressed these problems to our hubby, plus he proposed that I sign up with a personal trainer. I was able to arrange for the training sessions for the evenings, when our hubby was available to watch my children. For the past eighteen weeks, I’ve been meeting with the personal trainer 2 times per week. These sessions have totally changed our life. I’ve lost the weight plus l gained how to feel better, healthier plus more wonderful life. The personal trainer helps me with my nutrition plus has taught me all sorts of weird exercises that I can do at home. The training sessions are so high intensity plus demanding, but I look forward to them. I love to push myself plus take pride in our recent accomplishments. I’ve found that I sleep better at night plus have a lot more energy during the afternoons. I hope to set a good example for our 2 youngsters.
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