It’s not very comfortable without A/C in a government facility

My driver’s license was ready to expire this past week.

As one who doesn’t care to be waiting for the last moment to fulfill my obligations, I asked my boss to provide me with a day’s leave to renew my license… I anticipated incredibly long lines because it was the summer season.

From my personal experience, everyone takes advantage of their free time to get or renew their driver’s license during the warmer months… So, I woke up extra early plus by 4 in the morning, I was on the road. By the time I arrived at the licensing office, the doors were still closed. I was the twentieth in line, plus the sun was actually coming up already. It was a wonderful thing that I brought an egg plus bacon sandwich plus my Sprite with me when I left or I would have been very irritable. It was getting hotter by the minute. By the time the doors finally opened, I was prepared to bask in the air-conditioned waiting room plus cool down. Yet, when I entered the building, it was extremely overheated! There was no functioning cooling appliance either. There were just a few industrial fans plus one portable A/C appliance in the office. All kinds of people started to mutter their complaints about the A/C appliance. A middle-aged man actually approached the guard plus verbalized his concern about the temperature control. More people started to blurt out their discomfort in the overheated building. Finally, after 20 minutes, a Heating and Air Conditioning team showed up. They were speedily led to the back where they worked their magic on the Heating and Air Conditioning appliance. 15 minutes later, cool air started to pour into the waiting area, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief. The people behind the counters tossed their fans plus carried on with their processing task in comfort.

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