It’s quite cold in here

Family comes first.  I was taught that from the earliest of ages.  Perhaps taught is the wrong word. In fact, I was shown that family comes first.  Within our extended family, there was regularly an example of one member of the family helping another one.  There were Aunts and Uncles who took in cousins. Sons looking after brothers. It’s just how it was done. I am now putting our cash where my mouth is with this principle.  My father has finally gotten to the stage where he needs attention. He is fiercely independent but the time has come to bring him to live with me and my partner. None of us have a ton of cash, but my siblings and I decided he should come here since I live furthest South.  I think that is the greatest of his challenges. His lake house doesn’t have passable heating and air conditioning heating for his now that he is elderly. The plan is outdated so, it’s cheaper to bring him here for the Wintertide months than upgrade the his outdated gas heater wall unit.  The gas furnace does a pretty nice task knocking off the chill. But honestly, it was not meant to do the task of a heating and air conditioning unit with a legit oil furnace. I know our heat pump will surely keep him warm on the bizarre nights it gets freezing. However, he’s a mountain guy so he’ll honestly scoff at the easily program of turning on the heat when its only 48 degrees outside.  My blood has thinned considerably over all the years of residing down here. There is no way I could make it through a Wintertide at our Dad’s locale. I’m relieved knowing that our heating and air conditioning plan will keep our Dad warm this coming winter. He deserves at least that.

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