It’s the middle of January

The summertime is my number one favorite season of the entire year. I skateboard to and from my job nearly everyday. Sometimes it gets a little too warm, even early in the morning, but feeling the breeze and cool air while I’m skating down the declines makes it bearable. When the days get shorter and when it starts getting cooler, I can generally bundle up to make the chilly weather bearable. In fact, sometimes it’s quite comfortable as I can just wear a hoodie and some jeans and am set! As soon as the snow starts falling, though, I’m out of luck. Skateboarding is my number one favorite thing to do and not being able to do it throughout the year is rough. Last year, I went to a friend’s vacation home and tried snowboarding for the first time. It came easy to me but I was particularly not used to being outside in the freezing snow for a long time. My friend noticed how freezing I was and mentioned that I didn’t need to worry about it much longer.When we got back to the house we’d be warm because all the houses in that area are equipped with amazing HVAC systems and heating devices. I never really appreciated these heating devices quite as much since the weather from my home state never got bitter cold. I never appreciated a building that had climate control more than that night.  We even turned on the gas fireplace to be even more comfortable. I’m looking forward to coming next winter and learning different snowboarding skills.

M and M heat and AC