It’s time to float on

When I had a new A/C unit installed, they also installed a float switch. The old A/C unit didn’t have this switch and I asked a lot of questions. The safety float switch fills with water, in the event of an emergency. The float switch is a failsafe precaution to keep our garage from flooding. The A/C unit drain line can become clogged and backed up into the A/C unit. The float switch is there to protect our home. An average A/C unit can remove 20 or 30 gallons of water each day. All of that water usually drains out the condensate line. If the drain line becomes clogged, water will back up and flood the area. If the safety float switch is full, the A/C unit automatically shuts down. This can really save a lot of damage from occurring in your home. Some friends of mine had an A/C problem last summer. They were gone all weekend and came home to a flooded basement. Mud was blocking the drain line and the water was backed up. They didn’t know there was a problem, until the basement was flooded with A/C water. My friend spent a lot of money to soak up all the excess water. He had to call a mold remediation team as well, just to be sure the carpet and flooring was completely dry. A lot of basement items were ruined in the flooding. A safety float switch would have kept this disaster from occurring in the first place.

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