It’s time to pull the trigger

I am aware of the fact that 2020 is actually just right around the corner.

And the time is drawing nigh to make a highly crucial decision.

Actually, I’m not talking about the presidential election. This time around I’m talking about the fact that come January 1, 2020 the production of a chemical called R 22 refrigerant will be illegal in the United States. This type of chemical refrigerant used in the heating and cooling industry has been widely proven to be undoubtedly detrimental to the ozone layer. These up-to-date regulations soon will affect a fantastic many people I would imagine. If they really want to keep an HVAC device that still utilizes this type of refrigerant, they all will have to spend money through the nose to get it after the law is in place. Turns out, I’m one of the fantastic many. The HVAC device which I have still uses R 22 as a refrigerant. It has been the only HVAC device in this house. And, it still gets the job very well done. I was careful to always have the heating and cooling device properly worked on by a professional HVAC specialist all these years that I’ve owned it. I never missed a seasonal tune up. I know that’s great proof that preventive service really works! Yet, I still find myself in a bit of a personal quandry. The HVAC still works albeit not as efficiently as I truly would like. But, I particularly don’t want to get in a terrible position where I have to locate R 22 for an out of date HVAC system. I previously turned to the HVAC professional who I have dealt with for over 20 years. They have gone and laid out several possibilities for me and their payment programs. They are fantastic people to task with on this project. Now, it just comes down to making a pretty crucial decision.

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