I’ve been busy lately

I guess my job has more dangers than I really considered before. I mean, I work in a craft beer brewery, where there are plenty of things that can definitely hurt you in a significant way. There are tons of boiling hot water, spitting steam, slippery ladders and floors that could easily cause you severe physical damage… but luckily for me, I manage to avoid most of the dangerous action. Since I work in the office, managing logistics for the company each day, I really don’t have to come into contact with as much of the dangerous production as other people do. That’s why I was shocked when I had a recent work-related mishap at home which caused great injury. It all began when I was given a portion of “homework beer” from my work, meaning tons of cans to bring home and sample for QC. I began lugging all the brew home, but soon found that I couldn’t drink it as fast as it was assigned. Soon, I had an entire closet of beer saved up, just waiting for guests to help me consume it. The only problem is, my thermostat didn’t get the memo about beer having specific storage conditions. I arrived home one day to find that my AC unit had abruptly shut down that day. My thermostat had short circuited, and the central cooling device powered down hours ago in the middle of a blazing hot summer day. When I walked into the house, I promptly found myself laying on the floor. My beer closet had exploded in the heat and humidity, and beer flowed freely out onto the tile floor where I now lay. After slipping on my homework beer and breaking my leg, I took HVAC maintenance and OSHA safety a lot more seriously.

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