I’ve Been Enjoying My New Smart Thermostat

I have been playing around with our modern smart control unit and the settings for multiple weeks now. I purchased the smart control unit to upgrade our old, outdated a single that didn’t do anything except go up and down in temperature. A lot of family members had updated their control units too and I had been hearing them rave about them for weeks. The greatest thing that drew myself and others to the smart control unit was the GEO feature. After downloading the software to our cell PC, I could not only change our control unit settings from virtually anywhere at any time, but our control unit would make fluctuations of it’s own based on our location. If our cell PC left a certain radius, it would signal to our control unit that I was no longer in the house and it could adjust the temperature accordingly. Once our cell PC entered the radius again, our smart control unit would alter the settings so that our beach house was comfortable when I walked in. In doing this, the smart control unit was running our Heating plus A/C system more efficiently because I wasn’t heating or cooling our house to a certain temperature while I was away. Eventually, the smart control unit would program itself based on our heat and air preferences and I wouldn’t need to change the settings manually. I loved other features about the smart control unit too enjoy the alerts it sent out, the efficiency diagrams, and the sleek look. I’m certainly looking forward to lowering our daily utility bill through our modern smart control unit.

Zoned HVAC