Joining the gym that is the cleanest

I toured each of the local gyms before making a decision

I am very conscientious about keeping a clean house. I dust, scrub and vacuum to ensure a healthy living environment. When I was considering which local gym I wanted to join, cleanliness was a big part of my priorities. Nearly every gym offers the same level of equipment. They all include treadmills and stationary bikes. There are always plenty of ellipticals and a few rowing machines. Most of them will have stairmasters and the standard weight training equipment. Now and then, a gym might include a swimming pool, indoor track, saunas, hot tubs and steam rooms. They might offer more group fitness classes, massage, tanning or personal training. While all of those things are certainly attractive, I refuse to workout at a dirty facility. I’ve been in gyms that smell like sweat. I’ve seen locker rooms with towels all over the floor, dirty sinks and overflowing garbage cans. While I always bring a pair of flip-flops to wear in the shower, I am not going to pay to use a facility with mold in the bathrooms. A clean, well-cared for gym typically keeps their equipment in better shape as well. They are more likely to repair broken machines and update to newer machines. The staff is more helpful and friendlier. I also worry about indoor air quality. I want a gym that is conscientious about service for the heating and cooling system. I don’t want to be breathing in contaminants while I workout. I toured each of the local gyms before making a decision. The facility I joined is really wonderful.
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