Jumping rope is a great exercise

I always loved jumping rope as a little girl. I practiced until I was able to perform some impressive tricks with the rope. I got away from jumping rope as I got older. I have remained very committed to my physical fitness. I follow the workout blogs of several professional athletes. An MMA fighter highly recommended jumping rope as a beneficial whole-body workout. Because of this, I bought myself a leather jump rope with weighted handles. I discovered that despite being in good condition, I didn’t have the stamina to jump very long. I was no longer all that skilled at jumping. I needed to practice to build endurance and accomplish the more complex jumps. The leather rope was definitely too long for me. It also didn’t hold up. It frayed, knotted and eventually broke. I did some research and came across a much more expensive and higher quality jump rope system. The Crossrope system includes one set of handles that connect to four different weights of ropes. There is a quarter-pound, half-pound, one-pound and two-pound rope, and each one provides different benefits. The lighter the rope, the faster it rotates. The heavier the rope, the more it engages the muscles in the shoulders, biceps and back. The ropes are made out of synthetic material that won’t knot, tear, kink or fray. The metal clasps that connect the rope to the handles are quick and easy to use and provide for a very smooth rotation. Since buying this better rope system, I’ve taken my workouts to a whole new level. I’ve mastered new skills such as crossovers and double-unders and I jump for longer duration. I make jumping rope a part of every training session. I’ve lost weight and slimmed down my hips and thighs.

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