Junk Ads

I am the moderator of an online forum about have you rock n roll. This little online community is so tight these days, it is almost love all the people is a single virtual family, but still moderating this forum can be a pain at times. Especially when one day all of us get the usual spammers that go crawling all over the internet dropping useless junk about some product, repair or controversial subject. I had a real interesting a single Last month that exact event took myself and others hours to scrub up and delete, because some idiot was spamming the forum with all different nonsensical things about heating and air conditioning system! Half of the nonsense that was written that they were spamming I didn’t even understand. Things such as SEER ratings, commercial air conditioning system units, beautiful radiant radiant floors, portable space heaters….what the heck are half of these? I suppose what a portable space furnace is, and I certainly suppose what I commercial heating and air conditioning system unit is. But still those other things? What in the heck is a SEER rating anyways? Sounds as if it’s some made up junk. I easily looked up SEER ratings the other day, and it seemed to be something to do with how much regular energy use a heating and air conditioning system plan uses. That’s great, but did they think our community was going to buy any of this random heating and air conditioning system junk from them or the supplier they personally toil for? It will be interesting to see what kind of weird idiot spammers I have to wash out next!

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