Just patch those vents up

The moment is now upon us.

Thanks to our loyal, knowledgable pro at our HVAC company, I have had the option to save for what is happening.

The amazing time has drawn nigh and I must upgrade our dang, inefficient heat pump. But, I have prepared for this for over a year now and constantly have chosen a up-to-date model to carry on the fantastic task our very old heat pump has done. Heat pumps just do an amazing job for you, especially during the moderate Summer and is flexible enough to heat our entire apartment during the mild winter. Both of us enjoy an undoubtedly smooth and mild Winter here. I know the heat pump only gets turned on about a dozen or so times during the worst afternoons of our winter last year. But, I’m enthusiastic about the up-to-date heat pump. I recently went all in on efficiency by getting a model that has a 26 SEER rating. That’s good, if you didn’t know. There’s also another cool detail to this model I bought. This heat pump comes with a desuperheater component which will then efficiently heat our moderate tub. The heat pump uses the wasted heat to reheat the water in the tub several times more efficiently than any electric heater could. Yet, there was a bit of a hitch in the plans I laid. The HVAC company found some sites in the HVAC duct that had to be fully repaired. The HVAC duct is original to the house. There have been some nasty sagging and gapping that has to be corrected prior to the full up-to-date heat pump installation. The HVAC folks are sending a separate HVAC crew to rehang section of old duct. They will also clean out all the ducts and reseal all the joints. Then, once complete, they can put in our up-to-date and awesome heat pump.

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