Just starting out with a smart thermostat

It’s funny how getting a smart thermostat managed to avoid an argument.

  • I asked my wife to adjust the thermostat to minimal settings.

I heard something about being able to do that setting on the thermostat, but it was new and I didn’t know a lot about how to adjust settings like that. So while we were out, my wife and I had a pretty good time. Unfortunately, there was a bad accident on the road and we were stuck in traffic for a long time. My wife then remembered that she forgot to set the HVAC system to minimal settings. She apologized but I was already feeling aggravated because I didn’t want costly energy bills. Then she remembered something that made me feel so much better. She remembered that with the smart thermostat, she decided to install the smart app on her phone. She easily pulled out her phone and easily adjusted the temperature control settings to minimum settings. She even showed me that the temperature control settings were changed to just the right amount. It was honestly hard for me to believe at first. I kept asking her if she was sure it worked, and she kept saying yes. I didn’t entirely believe it until I got home and I saw the settings on the thermostat for myself. I was in disbelief and these smart thermostats really are something amazing. I definitely am going to install that smart app on my phone so I can adjust the temperature control settings remotely. Another thing I want to learn is how to activate the geofencing feature.

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