Keeping Cool

When our husband began talking about getting a heat pump for our home, he seemed certainly interested in the idea. I had never heard of a heat pump plus I wasn’t even sure what a heat pump was. He was telling myself and others how the heat pump would take the ambient heat from the air plus squeeze through this special part of the heat pump plus it would deliver us plenty of heat for our home. This all sounded love a bunch of mumbo jumbo plus I just sat there. My head was swimming because the people I was with and I had been talking about getting an HVAC system. To me, HVAC meant heating, ventilation, plus a/c. All our husband was talking about was heating, so I wanted to think where the a/c was coming from. I started doing our own research to find out what a heat pump was. I found out that he was right about what a heat pump did. I also found out that a heat pump was not going to be the right type of heating for us. Every one of us lived in an section where the un-even temperatures not only went below chilly, however it stayed there throughout most of the winter. The heat pump is not efficient at those un-even temperatures plus it is necessary to have an alternate heat source. I also found out that the heat pump supplies a/c. So, that answered that question, however if it wasn’t going to heat our apartment properly, I suppose our husband needs to look at a weird type of HVAC system.


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