Keeping my end of the HVAC bargain

When I first became a homeowner, it was about the most amazing feeling I had experienced.

I don’t know, it just felt as though I was really and officially a grown up.

And that was a great feeling. Even doing things like changing the HVAC air filter were sort of cool. But as time went by, there were many other more adult things that I would have to contend with. Just my career alone was something that I had to fasten my chinstrap for. I got a great job right out of school with a firm I really wanted to work for. Over the years, I moved my way up to where I was in the zone controlled HVAC offices at corporate. This was playing with the big boys and I had to really be on my game. And that is where I still am. It’s great work and my passion but it takes a huge amount of my time as well. This has resulted in me not taking my homeownership responsibilities as seriously. For instance, those HVAC chores that I used to be so on top of are some of the first to fall through the cracks. I could go a few months or more without changing the air filter. That had to change as my heating and cooling are essential to my life at home. So I’ve set alarms and notices to do the air filter and ductwork checks each month. Plus, I signed up for the HVAC service plane offered by the HVAC company. This way, I will definitely be getting the necessary HVAC maintenance.


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