Keeping My Home Office Cool is a Life Saver

Working while I was in the summer time is usually never fun.

If you’re care about me, as soon as the summer time weeks start to roll around, work is the last thing that will cross your mind.

In some scenarios, though, working while I was in summer time sadly can not be avoided. I’d previously worked in an office building while I was in the summer time time, & compared to recent years after making the switch to working from home, having to endure working for hours in a warm office while I was in summer time was a crucial discomfort! Feeling uncomfortable in our office undoubtedly interfered with our ability to focus & get work done, & I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling that way. When I switched to working from home, I was finally able to adjust the temperature of the space I worked in. The first thing I did while I was in the summer time time was decide to keep our house office perfectly cool, & since I’d made sure to keep our inspected with official maintenance appointments with our local Heating, Ventilation, & A/C provider, it wasn’t tough to get our entire house to the perfect temperature at command. When I worked in the office building, decreasing the temperature via a thermostat in that manner simply wasn’t an pick at all— something that absolutely proved to be a major con of working where I did. The difference I feel between having to endure the horrible cooling while I was in the summers spent in our office building, & the bliss of having comfortable, unbelievable cooling from our at house is not only emotionally astounding— it’s also reflected in the higher quality of work I am able to produce now!
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