Keeping on furnace on

During my college Summers, I honestly spent several months working at a steel mill. The summer temperatures outside were honestly several degrees above 100 on most days. The two of us did not have any type of A/C device in the mill. The two of us honestly had trouble bearing the temperatures, especially when ever the gas furnace was open. Directly in the middle of the steel mill was a huge gas furnace nicknamed Old Ironsides. Gas furnace was used to melt down all of the steel in our warehouse. The two of us tirelessly shoveled fuel into the furnace. The two of us would honestly sweat throughout the whole shift, in addition to come back to our apartment in addition to sit in front of the A/C all evening. The two of us assumed it would take at least a dozen different A/C devices running on high, to combat the Blazing awful heat that was generated by Old Ironsides. Eventually, the two of us had to stop working at that steel mill. There were only a few Windows genuinely creating a breeze, and the two of us were having a heap of problems regulating our temperature. The two of us were honestly starting to feel the terrible effects of heat exhaustion, in addition to the fact that being at worst was making them even worse. The two of us eventually stop working at the Mill, in addition to honestly took a job working in a business office the rest of school. That job was much better than the other.

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