Keeping up with new technology

I really admire and respect all the technological advances I have witnessed.

That being said, I’ve never been very good at navigating my way through these technological advances. My need for technology is matched by my intimidation of it. So, I sort of watch from the sidelines a lot when it comes to the latest tech trends. I first remember working with a computer in highschool. This was back in the time of floppy disks and binary code. Now, I have tech in my pocket, in my office, in my automobile and in my home. It’s just about everywhere. Just recently, my partner and I added some more tech with a smart Heating plus A/C thermostat. Like most tech trends, I was slow to get on board. Many of my friends simply raved about the ease and savings that came with the smart thermostat. But, I didn’t entirely feel the need for that since I had just figured out how to program the thermostat in our home. However, with some prodding from my partner, I called the Heating plus A/C people to come out and install the new smart thermostat I had bought online. The Heating plus A/C tech was great. The upgrade went flawlessly and he stuck around to show me all the features of the smart thermostat. I was amazed by all the different operations it could perform. However, the Heating plus A/C tech advised that I start with straight-forward settings in order for the smart thermostat to learn our patterns and behaviors. While this creeped me out a bit, I did follow the Heating plus A/C tech’s instructions . Within weeks, I was amazed that I never had to do anything with the thermostat. It was doing it all by itself. Now all I do is sit back and collect the utility savings.

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