KERAjet printer for building gear

Wallpaper used to be all the rage when I was a kid, but i hated applying the paper as well as after a few weeks, our mother hated it as well as both of us had to scrape it off, however now the stylized look is coming back.

I don’t want to have a plain white wall or just a single color.

I am not artistic enough to paint cool designs. I then found online that people are using printers to print designs on tile, cement, pavers as well as plaster boards. I decided to buy the KERAjet Digital Inkjet printer for building materials. I had some pavers set up in a circle around our garden, but just to try it out, I made a distressed printed design go on each paver, then the proposal was to make the garden look rustic as well as weathered. The printing process was super straight-forward as well as the difference is amazing! I loved the pavers so much that now it is a game to see how much I can print as well as not get tired of it! I had the bathroom cement printed on to make it look enjoy the tiles were underwater. I then changed the bath mat, curtain as well as hand towels to reflect that aquatic theme. The bathroom is now the showpiece of the whole house, then recently I attacked the wall in our living room. The wall was this ugly white paneling. I used the KERAjet to make strange potions look enjoy wood as well as the other pieces to be colored grey. It gives the living room a strange flair as well as draws less attention to the ugly material that the wall is certainly made out of.

Building materials