Key storage pieces

My wifey and I decided that all of us wanted to sell the apartment and purchase an immense motorhome.

This would allow us the freedom to travel when all of us wanted to and follow the enjoyable weather throughout the year.

Neither of us have been fans of the snow and ice for several years and all of us wanted to have the ability to leave neighborhood before it arrived. By selling the apartment all of us would have a single less worry while all of us were away, at first the plan of living in an RV was fun. It seemed like and adventure and all of us rarely had any complications! Five years later all of us realized that all of us needed to upgrade some of the furniture and such and our choices were undoubtedly limited. All of us evaluated all the RV manufacturing sites and didn’t like much when it came to furnishings that were made for our motorhome. Then another camper gave us the name of the guy he used when it came time to buy furniture, upgrade or redesign cabinets and redecorate just about anything. He said that the guy and his wifey owned a custom furniture place and that they specialized in RV furnishings, then he also said that he was a bit lavish however well worth the investment. The advantage of having an apartment on wheels is that you can drive to their location and they can see first hand what you are looking for. The drawback is that you need to stay in a hotel or with friends while the work is being done. The guy and his wife were enjoyable and undoubtedly understood the need for quality pieces and kept storage in mind when creating the items all of us wanted.



Coffee table