Kid’s college is charging separately for HVAC systems

I think it is a complete waste of money for people to go to college these days.

I say this as someone who went to college, themselves.

When I got out of high school it seems like going to a 4-year University was the only thing you could do. There weren’t really other options if you wanted to escape this little town and have a professional life of your own. As such, I followed all the rules and obtained a degree at a reputable school. Today, I’m going through the same financial drama in regards to education… but this time it’s for my kid. It turns out, college is an even bigger scam these days. When I look at my kids’ college charges, I couldn’t help but notice something new – HVAC charges. Not only are we paying for tuition, books, and housing… But apparently we have to separately cover the cost of heating, cooling, and air quality control. It turns out, the commercial heating and cooling systems that keep the classrooms comfortable are the responsibilities of parents. We have to pay for the energy expenditure that keeps the HVAC systems running. We have to pay for the professional heating, cooling, and air quality control appointments. And we even have to pay for the cheap air filters that they install in the HVAC plans.I think it’s utterly ridiculous that the college is gorging us for routine air temperature control and HVAC equipment maintenance services. After shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for this education, you would think that heating and cooling equipment might be included in the charges.


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