Kids will always be kids

Kids are kids whether you like it or not.

Many of us have kids and we love them dearly.

But on the other hand they can do some things that can cause major headaches and cost you money in your home. Like my kids for instance, they were roughing around in the house the other month and they literally broke my smart thermostat! Smart thermostats are not super expensive, but they can cost a little bit of money because of all the HVAC technology involved in them. From the kids roughing around they smashed the front of the smart thermostat and made it crash to the ground and break into several pieces. I was pretty mad to tell you the truth. I ended up grounding my kids for 3 weeks. I had to get on the phone to the local heating and air conditioning company I bought the smart thermostat from and have them schedule a time to come out to replace it with a new smart thermostat and then reprogram the smart thermostat to work with the app on my cell phone, computer and laptop that controls the smart thermostat. This in itself was a little bit of a task that I had to deal with. The entire heating and air conditioning system was not working in the meantime with no smart thermostat to control it. I was just glad that this is the time of the year where you do not need heating or air conditioning and that you could just open up the windows to get great air quality and good temperatures!