Ladybugs are a problem during workout

It’s well into November, and in my local area, the weather is typically cold, windy and wet at this time of year.

One of the worst parts of nasty conditions is that I’m stuck inside for my workouts.

I exercise every day, and I like to have plenty of space to move around. When I’m contained in my living room, I’m limited in what I can do. I’ve managed to claim enough square footage that I can jump rope, unroll a yoga mat and complete various crunches, squats and lunges. It’s just not as enjoyable as breathing fresh air and feeling the sun on my face. After several weeks of temperatures in the low forties and constant rain, we suddenly had a nice day today. This morning dawned bright and sunny with blue skies. The temperature shot up to sixty degrees. I couldn’t wait to put on shorts and a T-shirt and step out onto the back deck. I brought my cordless speaker, water bottle, free weights, jump rope and yoga mat out there with me. I was extremely motivated and excited to get in a fantastic cardio session. I wasn’t prepared for the bugs. This area gets inundated with ladybugs at certain times of year. They are especially problematic when the weather turns mild after a cold snap. Throughout my workout, the ladybugs landed on my hair, my face and clothes. They landed on my mat and I’d inadvertently step on them. They created a mess on my mat. I was frequently forced to stop and brush them off of me.

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