Landlord never gives us heads up about HVAC repairs

For the past various years I have lived in the same rental property, then obviously, it must not be too tough to live here considering the fact that I have re-signed the lease so various times.

In general, it’s a great location and a fantastic home for the money.

I can’t complain too much about our neighbor’s, our weekly rental charges, or our interactions with the property owner; However, there is 1 thing about our property manager that drives me absolutely insane, but every time she decides that he’s going to do some kind of maintenance projects around the building or routine HVAC repair she fails to give the renters a heads up. I can’t tell you how various times I’ve been in a towel when our property owner decides to walk in and change the air filter in our HVAC system. I have literally been woken out of a dead sleep before to find a heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist cleaning out our HVAC ducts work. I have even found myself in the middle of a bath when a stranger walked into the home to upgrade our entire forced air oil furnace. I never suppose what to expect when it comes to our heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment or the maintenance schedule that our property owner has established. I’ve tried numerous times to ask him for a simple alert before she lets some different HVAC tech into our arena without warning, however nothing ever changes. At this point, I wonder if he’s undoubtedly using these HVAC services to keep her renters on their toes. If so, it’s working.


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