Lazy with smart devices

Sometimes it amazes me how many technological advances have been made without humankind’s taking notice.

It seems like everyone has taken our new, interconnected world for granted.

No one is nearly as enthusiastic as they should be about smartphones, Wi-Fi, and all of the new home apps that keep us while wired. In fact, I only see people cursing their brand new appliances, rather than appreciating them for how incredible they are. I’ve seen this firsthand with my roommates and they’re smart thermostat. They cannot seem to operate the smart temperature control device, no matter what they do. Rather than consider that there is user error, they are continually swearing at the smart thermostat and complaining to the manufacturer. It’s hard for me to hold my tongue about this air quality control issue, but it’s even harder to keep quiet about the furnace usage. Every winter, they crank of the furnace as high as it will go. Even though the outdoor air temperature isn’t very cold, the inside of the house feels like a sauna. They run the forced air furnace all day, everyday, which causes a lot of expensive energy bills each month. I’ve been trying to talk about utilizing the smart thermostat to reduce forced air furnace usage, but nobody wants to listen. I feel like we could easily resolve the confusing issues with the smart temperature control device, and optimize our indoor heat usage all at once. Nobody wants to figure out these intelligent devices, we all just want to complain.

a/c representative