Leave the damn air filter alone

The change from fall to Wintertime is a single of my number one time of year! I have a lot of fantastic memories as a child during this time, plus they consistently come right back.

My mom constantly made the extra special effort to make my condo feel hot and comfortable when the weather became colder outside, then now that I’m an adult, I really like to carry on her tradition plus do the same.

Every year, my more than one youngsters plus I carry all our holiday decorations out from the basement, and spend the rest of the day decorating the home together, but i turn on some music, light a candle, and then set about decorating. My little ones are at an age where they get super happy for this day, plus they start begging to decorate when the temperature drops outside. I try not to decorate too early, so the anticipation grows and their excitement doubles! My hubby helps us with the larger projects really enjoy setting up our tree, hanging garland, plus replacing the air filters, and we l acquired the tough way that the air filters have to be changed the day once decorating was over, and the boxes that are brought up from the basement bring a lot of dust and other garbage, and the tree sheds needles all over the site. Even though I dust plus vacuum after the decorations are set up, there’s still a lot that gets caught in our air filter. If we don’t replace the air filter, our air starts getting funky and my unit starts to lose efficiency, but so ladies, consistently make your hubby change the air filter after you’re done decorating!



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