Leave the repairs to the HVAC technician

I hate watching someone do something so stupid and making a big mistake. However, I’m always careful about sticking my nose into other people’s business. For one, I’m not authority on how to live life and the people who think they are can be super annoying. I do my best not to be super annoying. Yet, I see it in places like the office as I’m enjoying the zone controlled HVAC. Colleagues making terrible decisions even when they were told not to. It’s not easy for me to watch and I’m certainly not anyone who gloats. Recently, I sort of broke my rule about giving unsolicited advice or guidance over a heating and cooling situation. A neighbor had texted me one evening to come hold a flashlight for him. I’m a good neighbor and so is the guy I was going to help so it was no big deal. But when I got over there to see him getting ready to take the front panel off the HVAC equipment, I couldn’t stay silent. I was one hundred percent sure that this guy was no licensed HVAC professional. On top of that, I knew that his HVAC equipment wasn’t all that old. So I asked him what he thought about calling the HVAC company. He stated that he thought he could figure it out and didn’t want to spend on the after hours HVAC service call. Then I asked him if he’d read the HVAC warranty because mine said it would void if anyone touched the HVAC equipment other than an HVAC professional. That got his attention. After a minute, he decided that it was best to call the HVAC company instead of risking the HVAC warranty.

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