Leaving it to the pros

Well, I managed to do it again; Last weekend I had to go to the emergency room for the seventh time this year! Like my last more than one visits, the cause for my trip to the hospital was no accident. If anything, I would say that I have to learn my lesson the hard way, plus I have to learn it more than two times before it sticks! This all happened because I got the bright method of trying to refill the refrigerant line for my cooling system system at home. The Heating plus Air Conditioning repair company that comes by our house every couple of weeks makes it seem so easy plus easy to do, so how can you blame me? To be fair, heating plus cooling system dealers go through expansive hands-on training to perform this plus hundreds of other services for Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment, so naturally he would make it seem easy. I was a fool to assume that I could take any ancient can of refrigerant from a hardware store, plus try to fill the refrigerant line without even using the right hose. Since the hose that came with the refrigerant canister was too small, I had the bright method to force the line open with a tool plus try to “pour” the refrigerant into the cooling system unit. As you might have already guessed, this didn’t prove successful – it did, however, result in a ton of pressurized refrigerant from inside my system being shot into my face plus eyes. The nurses at the hospital told myself and others I should be blind, plus it was a enjoyable thing I had sunglasses on when this happened. I assume I need to just get over this urge to repair everything myself, plus call a professional when I need one!

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