Letting myself go

I knew that I was starting to go down a horrible path when my diet consisted of nothing but fast food.

I would always get pizza and wings for weekends.

I ate donuts, burgers and fries like it was my job. I liked to get something quick for lunch at work. For dinner, I never felt like cooking. It seemed like I was always putting in horrible food in my body. It’s just that I loved all that food so much. It was easy, cheap and I did not have to do anything to prepare for it. But, eating fast food is dangerous and not healthy. I realized that I was gaining weight quickly. I wasn’t even exercising as well as I should. I had no energy after eating one of those meals. When I talked to a few friends of mine about my issues, 1 buddy said she got excellent results by going to a personal trainer. I didn’t know if I could face a personal trainer who was in such excellent shape compared to me. But, I was prepared to try. I need to lose weight and I did not know how to do it. My friends said the only thing I had to lose was the extra weight! When they put it that way, I was game so I decided to contact a reputable personal trainer in our area. When all of us met for the first time, I was happy with the lovely personality of my personal trainer. She was indeed in fantastic shape and seemed to know precisely what she was talking about. She helped me pick the right foods via her nutritional counseling program. She whipped me up a work out program that has been working well too.


Cross fit