Life in the southwest

Living in the southwest part of the country is both good at times and bad at times.

Those who know the region don’t have to be told about all the bad things about it.

So I will just speak about the positive. One of those is owning a contemporary condo. I bought this contemporary condo for a decent price. It is a nice cozy little place that I like being when I am not working, and I am proud to call this contemporary condo home. It’s got a lot of space for what it is, it has the most glamorous bedroom and on top of that glamorous bedroom, it also has the greatest sound proof walls. So it is not like your average apartment or condo. To decorate this contemporary condo I needed to have some custom furniture made to fit everything just right. I chose to have the custom furniture made in a southwest style. Southwest furniture is a must when living in the southwest region. Southwest furniture that fits exactly what you may need is not easy to come by in a regular furniture store. Even out here in the region. So this is why having custom southwestern furniture made was the best choice I could have possibly done to make this condo really shine! It took me a little while to find the correct contractor to build my custom furniture in the southwestern style. But I did it, and it all turned out fabulous! The little rocking chair I had custom built for the glamorous bedroom looks really nice in the corner I placed it in too.

Custom built furniture